Pop art painting

new pop art painting socially awkward misfit

Since the success of my Kickstarter a few people have asked me if they could have a pop art style painting of Sam. So here’s another chance to get a painting of Sam with the quote “Asking an introvert to open up is as rude as asking an extrovert to shut up”. Available in my shop here: https://www.sociallyawkwardmisfit.com/product/pop-art-painting/


Last Day

Speaking of the last day, it’s the last day of my Kickstarter for my new book. Last chance for you to get a signed copy, original artwork and more here: kickstarter.com/projects/anxiety

New book

anxiety comic book socially awkward misfitMy new book ‘Anxiety’ is coming soon! It features a brand new comic story of Sam battling with his social anxiety plus a compilation of the best SAM comics from over the last two years.

I can let you know by email when it becomes available, click here for more details https://mailchi.mp/ef9962a5a40f/anxiety